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I'm Ale, I
‣ BUILD Physics-Based Intelligence.
‣ RESEARCH Complex Cybernetic Systems.
‣ DRIVE Le Mans Race Cars.

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Racing is in my blood, discovering the nature of intelligence is in my heart.

Have been learning from data to win for over a decade where racing taught me the importance finding margins and building high performing teams. Machine learning is rooted in extracting margins to intractable open problems whilst sharing results and ideas with others.

I am obsessed with building engineering abstractions that enable fast and intricate scientific exploration and love piecing together every detail of my simulations. My work is rooted in complexity, physics and time series problems applied across lifesciences, operations research and quantitative finance.

My mission is to build physics-based simulations that drive optimal decision making and create control in global cybernetic systems, namely our economy, energy production and healthcare.



Director of AI (Founder)

Oct 2020 - Present (New York)

WATZ is a biometric research platform and wearable analytics interface. Agnostic to any data source, customize-able analytics stories and open algo foundations to collectively optimize human performance. WATZ was born out of my passion for triathlon and frustration with the guess work happening at the highest echelons of endurance sports and was subsequently founded by myself alongside engineers at Nike and Apple. Our worked helped Eliud Kipchoge be the first human to break the sub 2-hr marathon and is being used by gold medal winning coaches and athletes. Our mission is to democratize the knowledge required to tap into the infinitude of human potential.

Sensei Data Labs

Mentor (Founder)

Oct 2022 - Present (New York)

As a self-taught computer scientist, machine learning engineer and physicist I wanted to pay forward the challenges I overcame. Mentoring the next generation of scientists and engineers in AI/ML is very rewarding as I believe there is still a lot to be discovered and built. My mission is to bring students as quickly as possible to this frontier so thay they too can contribute to driving our understanding of intelligence forward.

HHMI Janelia

Research Engineering Assistant

2022 - Present (Virginia)

Research engineering assistant to Dr. Ifedayo-Emmanuel Adeyefa-Olasupo pioneer of retinotopic mechanics a framework to understand how the brain percieves the world using a neuronal force fields. I help the Dr. model and predict mice decisions in simulated enviroments using brain sensor data. Janelia is a research campus dedicated primarily to neuro physics and bio physics with a small team of 50 research scientists (7 of which have won the Nobel Prize).

Kaunas Technology University

Lecturer of Applied Machine Learning

Oct 2022 - Feb 2023 (Lithuania)

Hosted a series of lectures over the semester to engineering and computer science master's students as well as faculty members of the joined European Erasmus Program. My lectures included "Biology in-the-loop Simulation", "Advances in deep learning for complex sciences", "Practicle guide to deploying production ready machine learning models" and "Strategic thinking to augment organizational intelligence and enter Industry 4.0"

Laboratoire Internationale Logistique

Econometric Researcher + ML Engineer (Founder)

2018 - 2022 (London)

My consulting firm was founded through my research in supply chain optimization whilst at university. I was hired by 2 Fortune 500 companies (Luxottica, Maersk), 1 lifescience company (LifeArc) and 2 F1 teams (undisclosed) to help them build and deploy artificial intelligence to optimise their decision making. Initially identifying strategic priorities to then outline a blueprint to augment their organization's intelligence. I would model proof of concepts and introduce affiliate technology partners affiliated with institutions like CalTech, UniTorino, and Nasa JPL. This consultancy was bi-lateral and I would often consult the technology partners on their product strategy to better serve enterprise needs.

Lemurian Labs

Head of Product

Aug 2018 - Sept 2019 (Toronto)

Lemurian Labs builds custom deep learning hardware to drastically improve performance and energy consumption required to train and run large deep learning models primarily used in automotive, autonomy and robotics. At the time Lemurian was focused on the communication protocol that allowed hierarchical multi-agent collaboration. I was responsible for designing a product we could immediately take to market to acquire critical data needed to build the agents and communication dynamics. I introduced several partnerships opportunities to top automotive OEM's like Daimler, Bosch and McLaren.


Software Engineer (Founder)

Nov 2016 - Jul 2018 (Milan)

Walnut was a community discovery tool and collaboration platform. My first venture built from the ground up in Node and React. The idea was to merge Slack's collaboration with community based match making. We launched the platform across several bootcamps in the US but the idea had morfed from the original vision. This taught me a lot about building teams and shipping products.

Spirit AI

Data Engineering Intern

Nov 2016 - Jul 2018 (London)

Humanizing digital interactions through character engines and content moderation. Built data pipelines from scratch for data scientists to deploy NLP algorithms to detect social media abuse.

Crypto Valley Society

Tech Lab Lead

Nov 2016 - Jul 2018 (Zug-CH)

Mentored 2 cohorts of 8-10 students to learn and apply blockchain technology in supply chain and gaming projects built on Ethereum, Iota and Hyperledger.


Universita Bocconi

BSc Economics, Finance & Computer Science

💱 Sept 2016 - Jul 2019 (Milan)

42 Silicon Valley

Computer Science

🤖 2018 (San Francisco)

NYU Semester

Cognitive Computational Modelling

🧠 2018 (New York)

Marlborough College

Mathematics & Physics

⚛️ 2009 - 2014 (Oxford)


Machine Learning Engineering

7+ yrs

PyTorch master. Custom AutoML factory for time series for time series modelling. Passionate about PINNs, Neural ODE's/CDE's and Deep Q learning for simulation and control. Pytorch Lighting lover for creating beautiful production ready ML workflows.

Software Engineering

8+ yrs

Python master, Rust/C++ when required. Aversed in JAX and Julia. Prefer custom built ML pipelines and simple DevOps workflows. Deploy the odd smart contract on Ethereum's Virtual Machine, Hyperledger Fabric and Iota's Tangle. Flexibly use AWS, Azure and GCP infrastructure.

Mathematical Modelling

9+ yrs

Complex system modeling with hidden markov models alongside controlled differential equations. Custom built interfaces for optimization solvers and probability models. Background in econometric modeling, operations research and financial mathematics. Simulation with deep Q learning and multi-agent systems. Playing with portfolio optimzation using quantum computing with Qiskit. Go to playground is energy derivative pricing and volatility.


Racing Driver

Audi Sport, Nissan, Porsche, McLaren

🏎 2008 - 2019

2014 Blancpain GT Champion (Audi Sport). Le Mans 24 Hours (Nissan). Top 5 at the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours. DTM Young Driver (Audi Sport). Wolf Racing Cars Factory Driver. McLaren Automotive Driver. 5+ years of World Championship Karting competing against current F1 drivers (Leclerc, De Vries, Russell).

Ocean Sailor

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

⛵ 2005 - present

J70, Swan, Laser and Moth class regionals.

Alpine Skier

Sci Club Courmayeur

⛷️ 2006 - 2010

Racing giant slalom and super g.

Amateur Triathlete

🚴‍♂️ 2020 - Present

Focused on half Ironman distances.

BJJ Artist

🥋 2022 - Present

Humbled white-belt under Fighter Club Paracuru.


  • Apex Performing Decision Analytics
  • Biology In-The-Loop Simulation
  • Physics-inspired Machine Learning
  • Cybernetic System Control.

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